Projekte in Deutschland, Europa, Asien…

Plate saw – China
  • Aluminium plates/bundles with a sawing height of up to 300mm
  • Can handle plate sizes of 4,350 x 39,000mm
  • Noise protection enclosure measuring 47,000 x 17,000 x 4,500mm
    2 sawing tables to increase productivity
KTO20 tilting rotary drum furnace – France
  • 20-tonne melting furnace with a charging unit featuring a 5m³ sliding tray
  • Furnace with multi-functional door (MFT)
  • Burner system with 4mW capacity
  • Melt output of 7 tonnes per hour
Ingot casting and stacking system – Germany
  • Casting output of 10 tonnes per hour
  • Dual water cooling
  • Casting belt length of 22,000mm
  • Automatic stacking, weighing, binding and labelling
Hearth-type melting furnaces – Germany
  • 3 x 50-tonne hearth-type melting furnaces
  • Regenerative burners with 2 x 3mW capacity
  • Bath processing through 8 purge plugs in the furnace floor
  • Wide door aperture of 5,272 x 1,850mm
Holding furnace – Czech Republic
  • 24-tonne holding and casting furnace
  • Special solution – lateral tilt axis
  • Weighing system for measuring total furnace weight
  • Bath processing with retractable gas lances
Scrap saw – China
  • Saw dimensions 35,000 x 7,500mm
  • Saw head, chip extraction and scrap handling inside a noise-protected cabin measuring 14,000 x 7,500mm
  • Handles scrap pieces up to 17,000mm long
  • Sawn-up scrap sorted into preselected containers
Electric immersion element heating – Germany
  • 6 heating stations for filled 6-tonne crucibles
  • 3 x 5kW heating element capacity per crucible
  • Holding and heating possible
Rotary sow caster – Croatia
  • 10x sow casting dies
  • Ingot weight of 900kg
  • Automatic device for ejecting the sows
Crucible heating station – Germany
  • 3 programmable heating stations for transport crucibles measuring 1,900mm
  • Gas recuperator burner system with UV flame monitoring
  • Automatic temperature control via thermocouple measurements
  • Delivery of heating station together with transport crucible
Granule system – Hungary
  • System output of 2 tonnes per hour
  • Cascade separator for sorting granules
  • Granules transported via vibrating spiral conveyor
Crucible tilting device – Hungary
  • 6-tonne transport crucible with tilting device
  • Pivoting casting channel – designed to customer specifications
  • Crucible tilting device used as a ‘casting oven’

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