Sow casting systems

The sow casting systems with lifting station are a semi-automatic casting facility designed to produce aluminium blocks weighing up to 1,000kg.

The molten aluminium from the furnace is poured directly into the casting dies via a channel system. Once each die has been sufficiently filled, the system operator moves the casting moulds forward by one station and the next die is filled.

In order to prepare them for the casting process, the dies are dried and slightly heated using the integrated gas burners.

Once the molten metal has solidified inside the dies, the manufactured blocks can be easily taken away from the removal point using a forklift. In preparation for this, the ingots are lifted out of the die using three hydraulic lifting rods. The dies are shaped in such a way as to ensure safe transport by forklift. 

Once the ingot has been removed and the lifting rods have been withdrawn back into the mechanism, the casting system is moved forwards one position.

This lateral movement is monitored by a limit switch and stopped automatically once the required position has been reached.

Bei der Sows-Gießanlage mit Aushubstation handelt es sich um eine halbautomatische Gießeinrichtung zur Herstellung von Aluminiumblöcken mit einem Stückgewicht von bis zu 1000 kg.

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