Holding furnace / casting furnace

This type of furnace is mainly used for refinement handling and for pouring molten aluminium into casting systems and transport crucibles.

Design features:

  • Vaulted ceiling and floor design – no need for complex steel-structure reinforcement or refractory support, while still providing maximum stiffness and stability
  • Hydraulic tilt through the pitch axis
  • Heated by two regenerative burners that are flange-mounted to the side walls, with quickly replaceable cage structures for the heat storage media (ceramic beads)
  • Melt bath gas purging using purge gas administered by means of lances that can be automatically lowered into the molten metal through sealable openings in the ceiling of the furnace, or using purge plugs arranged in the floor
  • Capacity: 10-50 tonnes of liquid (Keramikkugeln)
  • zur Badgasbehandlung mit Spülgas mittels Lanzen, welche über verschließbare Öffnungen in der Ofendecke in die Schmelze automatisch eingetaucht werden können, oder aber im Bodenbereich angeordnete Spülsteine
  • Fassungsvermögen: 10-50 t Flüssigaluminium

Benefits of the Bartz converter:

  • Compact design and low space requirements
  • Very clear and easy-to-maintain construction
  • Long-life refractory material; collapsing walls or hollow spaces are avoided through the use of custom-cut refractories
  • Large and highly accessible charging opening
  • Extremely short cleaning times during alloy changes by tilting the furnace
  • Door seal with adjustable sealing plates
  • Regenerative burner systems for effective CO2minimisation
  • High burner efficiency
  • High-quality hydraulics
  • Modern PLC control technology
  • Optional PID control algorithm for energy efficiency
  • Integration into existing network infrastructure via
  • Ethernet interface

Download the treatment/holding/casting furnace brochure

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