Tilting rotary drum furnace

The tilting rotary drum furnace has proven itself to be a key technology in modern aluminium recycling facilities for smelting small pieces of contaminated scrap.

Particular advantages:

  • The short overall charging time and the significantly reduced need to add salt lead to increased production and make the facility more cost-effective
  • Maximum yields coupled with extremely low specific energy consumption. The thermal efficiency is approximately 70 %
  • Particularly suited to the use of materials with a high oxide content, such as: 
    • Dross
    • UBC scrap
    • Shavings

Design features:

  • Very robust and compact build
    The geometry of the furnace drum and the tilt angle are optimally aligned with the burner flame control and the fill level
  • The rotation speed can be freely adjusted via the furnace control system
  • Two-part multi-functional doors with built-in burner calibration, slag retention device and flue gas extraction into the exhaust gas system. Each door panel can be adjusted individually
  • The exhaust gas extraction system and the furnace doors adjust to match any possible angle of tilt on the furnace itself in order to ensure optimum flue gas extraction
  • Fill weight detection by means of load cells
  • Visual bearing temperature monitoring
  • Capacity (liquid aluminium): 8-20 tonnesSehr massive und kompakte Bauweise
  • Die Trommelgeometrie der Ofentrommel und die Neigungswinkel sind optimal abgestimmt auf die Flammenführung des Brenners und die Füllmenge.
  • Die Drehzahl ist stufenlos über die Ofensteuerung regelbar.
  • Zweiteilige Multifunktionstüre mit integrierter Brennerjustierung, Schlackerückhaltevorrichtung und Rauchgasführung ins Abgassystem, jeder Türflügel einzeln ansteuerbar
  • Abgasführung und Ofentüren fahren jeden möglichen Neigungswinkel des Ofens mit, um eine optimale Rauchgasentsorgung zu gewährleisten.
  • Füllgewichtsermittlung mittels Wägezellen
  • Optische Lagertemperaturüberwachung
  • Fassungsvermögen (Flüssigaluminium): 8-20 t

Burner and control system features:

  • State-of-the-art gas-oxygen burners
  • Optimised temperature monitoring
  • Reduction of the oxidation atmosphere by means of continuous temperature control
  • Manual or automatic output control

Download the tilting rotary drum furnace brochure
Download the tilting rotary drum furnace information sheet

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