Crucible hot-cleaning systems

In our crucible hot-cleaning systems, the transport containers are mechanically scraped clean while hot. The crucible is rotated while the cleaning tool is guided along the wall of the container. 

Advantages over conventional systems:

  • Quick and straightforward cleaning
  • No need to let the container cool down
  • Gentle cleaning to increase the lifespan of the refractory lining
  • Cleaning can be carried out at short intervals, preventing waste of space due to contamination deposits

Hot-cleaning of containers saves substantial amounts of time and money compared to conventional systems, as there is no need to spend time cooling the crucible and heating times are kept to a minimum. What’s more, the constant pressure applied by the cleaning tool significantly reduces damage to the refractory lining. 

The crucible-cleaning system is designed for use on our containers, but the support on the rotary mechanism can also be adapted to the crucible feet you normally use in your plant. 

Download the crucible hot-cleaning system information sheet

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